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As concept ‘future’ stands for hope. This notion serves as a cornerstone for our environmental movements and projects.


The idea of 'future' has been presented as having been potentially compromised by the environmental crisis. Therefore, it is our mission to re-think the future through the myriad damaging present ways of engaging with the living world and to propose better ways of creating and re-creating the possibility of a future infused with vitality—for humanity and all forms of non-human lives alike.


We take, as a departing point, the possible environments and futures that can potentially come to be when a unified human front, conformed by its multiple, variegated voices, joins hopes, imaginations, and efforts to come up with solutions for creating the best conditions for the shared future environments for all.


We aim at representing the richness of our local environment. Whilst the environmental imaginary has tended to focus on lush green, we must incorporate the other, equally valuable environments which sustain the delicate balance of our planet’s lifeforms. This sea-surrounded desert is not exempt from value in this interconnected world. It is our aim to highlight its place and value as a unique piece in the web of life.

Image by Derek Sutton


Join us in rethinking the future by creating sustainable solutions

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