Environmental Ambassadors of Qatar 2022

"Join the Gulf regions first Marine Citizens Science Programme"
Deadline: Apply by 17th October 2022

After two successful years of Ambassadors coherent, Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar (AYCMQA) will organize a program where it will select committed individuals (mostly youth) to be the New Coherent of Environmental Ambassadors of Qatar 2022.

Environmental Ambassadors of Qatar is an active, educational leadership program developed by the educational team at Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar (AYCMQA) and National Geographic Explorers. Our programmes focuses on timeless, universal ecological principles applicable to all natural ecosystems in addition to location-specific subjects. This year we will particularly focus on a new citizen science-based research effort to digitize data on marine mammal strandings in Qatar with new mobile based technologies. This co-designed citizen science program will include how public and community participation in scientific research, participatory monitoring, and participatory action research will help improving and increasing the public's understanding of science.

After a rigorous selection process, the individuals selected will be trained to dedicate part of their time in advocating a cause. AYCMQA Ambassadors will participate in a new marine citizen science program run by scientists at the Smithsonian Institution and funded by a grant from the National Geographic Society. The program will train volunteers to survey the beaches of Qatar, using 4x4 vehicles, and document marine mammal carcasses that wash up using a new customized mobile app. The data will be used to begin to assess the living populations of marine mammals in the Gulf and diagnose possible threats, like fishing gear entanglement. Ambassadors are invited to take surveys before/after the program on to understand their own learning, ocean literacy, and environmental perspectives as citizen scientists in the program.

Through this Ambassadors of Environmental Initiative, we will focus on specific skills of the next generation of youth leaders in Qatar to:

  • • Better sense of the urgency of environmental issues by equipping them with an improved understanding of marine ecosystem through a systems-based approach to fully grasp the effects of the impending environmental crisis and the need for swiftaction.
  • • Better utilize skills and methods of citizen science like community mobilization and social action, such as communication, building public narratives, mobilization and project planning for environmental projects and initiatives in Qatar.
  • • Engage with youth leaders, as well as leading environmental experts and policy makers. To build powerful networks with experts in the field and prominent members of various faith groups, premised on mitigating climate change.


The Ambassadors Programme seeks to attract 10 individuals, between the ages of 18 to 35. We hope to maintain an inclusive cohort with representation from diverse backgrounds. A diverse representation of students, environmental and community activists, early career professionals eager to deepen their knowledge of marine ecosystem, environmental protection, members ofNGOs working in the field of environment and marine ecology are all welcomed to apply.

Participants entering the program should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • • Be between the ages of 18 to 35 (required)
  • • A degree in environment, philosophy, or anyrelevant fields is preferred. Equally, relevant work experience (paid, volunteer, internships, etc.) are also considered.
  • • Being part of an established local network (social, professional, community, etc.) or willingness to mobilize a new local network.
  • • A strong interest in learning about environment and marine science and commitment to completethe taskin time.
  • • Good communication skills and a fluency in Englishand Arabic preferred.
  • • A strong commitment to diversity, inclusion, and cooperation.

Participant Expectations:
The Ambassadors seeks to support proactive leaders and agents of change in the Qatari community. As such, participants are expected to:

  • • Commit to one full day training (mandatory) on October 22.
  • • Commit their time for the entire duration of the Ambassador’s programme including any pre or post sessions.
  • • Once each ambassador complete the training, need to commit to sign up for 2 or 3 field surveys to complete in 2022 and 2023 based on their availability.
  • • Demonstrate eagerness to learn and expand their professional networks and to benefit from exposure during the Ambassadors programme,.
  • • Demonstrate commitment to become leaders in their communities.


6-8 months programme


Through collaborative partnerships, we work on various innovative projects to meet the ambitious goal to create a transformative change in the community by focusing on our key strategic objectives.

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